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Ural 4320 truck 6x6

Ural 4320 truck 6x6 Ural 4320 truck 6x6 Ural 4320 truck 6x6
Specifications Ural-4320
Truck dimensions, mm 7865h2500h2805 
Turning radius within a buffer m 11.4
The service braking system Dual circuit with pneumohydraulic drive
Cabin Metal, triple, equipped with ventilation and heating system
Wheel 6x6
Maximum speed, km / h 85
Payload, kg 7000
Gross trailer weight, kg 11500
Gross weight, kg 16015
Transmission A five-speed transmission, two-speed transfer case with locking center differential, middle and rear axles with differential blocking
Fuel tank capacity, l 300
Tires 425/85 R21-1260 KAMA KAMA-1260-1 390/95 R20 Kama-Ural, 14.00-20 OI-25 with adjustable pressure 
The distribution of the total mass, kg
Rear truck 10905
Front axle 5110
Overcoming obstacles
Ford, m 1.75
Rise,% 60
Three wooden flap is equipped with removable added boards and tent-cloth is
Platform area, sq.m. 10.5
JAMZ-238M2 diesel
Rated power at 2100 1/min, kW (hp) 176 (240)
On request, the car can be equipped with a winch (maximum traction 10.11 TS, cable length 60 m), engine JAMZ-236BE2, 250 hp, JAMZ-236NE2 capacity of 230 hp with a corresponding change in traction and dynamic performance.

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