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BTR-80 BTR-80 BTR-80 BTR-80 BTR-80 BTR-80 BTR-80 BTR-80 BTR-80
The BTR-80 (Bronetransporter-80) is a fully amphibious vehicle and shares similar characteristics with both the BTR-60 and BTR-70 series APCs including a filtration and overpressurization system for NBC protection. The BTR-80 is superior to the BTR-60/70 with a larger chassis, high-angle-of-fire turret, and a single more powerful diesel engine (instead of gasoline).
 In addition to the similar features between the BTR-60 and BTR-70 series, the BTR-80 has:
A new hatch arrangement between the second and third wheels, the upper half opens to the front and the lower half opens downward to form a ramp. This configuration gives dismounting troops some protection against small arms fire from the front of the vehicle.
Six forward-firing electrically-operated smoke dischargers mounted on the rear of the turret.
A turret-mounted machine gun that can now fire to an elevation of +60° instead of +30° as with the earlier model BTRs (developed for mountain fighting and ADA).
Three redesigned and repositioned round-shaped firing ports on each side of the hull that are angled obliquely to enable the troops to fire forward.
Two upper hatches on the troop compartment each having one firing port for engaging high targets.
Two water jets fitted at the rear of the hull instead of the single water jet of the earlier model BTRs.
Two large, almost horizontal, tubular exhaust pipes to the rear.

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